Sony Has Officially Announced The PSP2 Codenamed NGP

Rumors have been rampant about the next version of Sony’s handheld gaming device, and exactly what it would entail.  Well, Sony has finally pulled back the curtains today when they introduced the PSP2.  From the looks of things this little gaming device will pack a helluva punch.  Sony has said that it is as powerful as a PS3 sporting a 5-inch OLED screen(960×544), a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, a quad-core PowerVR SGX534MP4+ GPU, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, and a GPS!  With those super geeky part names I’d say this thing could probably fly you to the Moon!  I wonder if this thing has a nuclear reactor to power itself?  There’s some beefy tech going on in the PSP2, so I hope Sony has a reasonable battery solution to keep this thing running for hours at a time.

The PSP2/NGP also sports SIXAXIS controls (think smartphone tilting to game), two joysticks, a D-pad, shoulder buttons, and a new rear touch pad.  I guess the touch pad will provide some sort of motion controls in certain games, and it each touch will correlate to the same area on the front screen.  That definitely sounds like it could provide all types of new portable gaming play.

Unfortunately, the PSP2/NGP will not support the UMD discs used with the OG PSP, so you can kiss that collection of games goodbye.  I’m not sure on what type of media it will use, but I expect it to lean heavily on digital downloads.  The PSP2 will also ship with some new software called LiveArea, which will allow you to scan the cloud to see what other gamers are in your vicinity.

From what I’ve seen and read this little device has potential to take mobile gaming to the same heights of our current consoles.  Can you imagine playing a game that looks as good as Uncharted or Killzone on a handheld?  Mmmm eye boners!  Luckily for us gadget freaks the PSP2/NGP should be available for the Holiday 2011 season.  No price points have been laid down yet, but I’d expect it to be over $300 US.  Looks like I may have a playmate for my 3DS once the PSP2 releases.  I rarely game for real on the go, but I may have to change my style once these super-duper handhelds hit the market.

It seems we’ve arrived at the day we all dreamed of as young gamers, where we can play the same quality of games on a portable device that we can play on our consoles.  Stay tuned for more details, because there’s also a phone style PSP on its way sporting the Android OS.  You’ve been wanting to carry your PS3 with you whereever you go…

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