Sony is Making a Heavenly Sword Movie, But Does Anyone Care?

Earlier this week, Sony announced their plans to release an animated film based off of the 2007 PlayStation 3 exclusive, Heavenly Sword. One of the first major exclusive titles in the PS3 library, Heavenly Sword was an early frontrunner in the generation that was, showcasing stunning visuals as well as enjoyable gameplay. The question now, however, is that after seven years dormant, does anyone want a Heavenly Sword movie?

For those unaware, the Heavenly Sword film is being handled by Cinedigm, and is set for a September 2, 2014 release. A recent trailer showcased the film’s animation, which certainly captured the essence of the game, but still looked remarkably dated.

The main disconnect in the Heavenly Sword film project revolves around not only resurrecting an otherwise passed over franchise, but also with going for a visual style that is reminiscent of the game’s somewhat dated CGI. Sure, for the time when it was originally released, Heavenly Sword’s cinematic moments looked great, but over half a decade later, it seems like poor planning to keep the visual style of the film reminiscent of something an old machine can do.

One of the other major issues with the Heavenly Sword film adaptation is that it seems as though it will do nothing new for the franchise. Besides an appearance in the lackluster PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Heavenly Sword and its protagonist, Nariko, have been left by the wayside. As members of the video game industry will be quick to tell you, the games industry is a rapidly evolving one. If Sony wants to create an animated film of any of their franchises, choosing an early PS3 title that has been near-forgotten ever since its release is far from a wise choice.

Ultimately, the Heavenly Sword film seems like a shocking mix of good ideas and bad ones. The film’s listed voice cast features Anna Torv and the always talented Alfred Molina, both of whom will surely provide a great performance, but outside of this there is very little draw to the film. The odds of the Heavenly Sword film making massive sales seems quite low, especially considering that the film will do little other than retell the events of the game, without the breakneck gameplay, in a dated animation style.


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