Sony Making Terminator Style ‘Lifelogging’ Glasses?

If you’ve ever seen the Terminator movies you may understand what I meant by the title.  I guess Sony is developing technology that will focus on what your eyes are looking at, and with an outward facing camera you’ll be able to record what you see in the real world.  Basically, whatever you are looking at the device will look at it too and record it.  To me it sounds like having Google Goggles attached to your face.

I imagine this tech one day emulating what we’ve seen in Sci-Fi movies when it comes to how robots scan the world.  Just like in Terminator, we may be able to look at objects and an on-board computer will scan them for us, and tell us every detail we could ever possibly need to know about that object.  From there if you’re like Arnold you can make a decision about how to treat the object i.e. kill it or not.

This tech is far from finished, but I’m digging the concept.  I’m down with anything that turns my feeble human senses into simulated super powers!  We are on our way to not even needing our brains anymore.  I love it!  You’ve been scanned and marked for termination…

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Via [Engadget]


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