Sony Offering PlayStation Now Subscription Plan

When Sony initially launched PlayStation Now, a service that allowed PSN users to digitally rent and stream games, it was hard not to be highly critical of the new offering. When PlayStation Now launched in August, would-be users were met with steep price points in contrast to the relative cost of many of the game selection’s retail pricing.

However, with the new year upon us, it seems that Sony has plans to retool PlayStation Now.

According to a recent press release, Sony will begin offering a PlayStation Now subscription. Starting on January 13th, the PS Now subscription will first launch on the PlayStation 4, with later updates coming to the rest of the Sony video game family. Users will be able to subscribe to PlayStation Now for $19.99 a month or $44.99 for three months. Additionally, a free seven day trial will be offered, allowing PSN members to test out the streaming service for themselves.

Stay tuned for more information regarding both Sony’s PlayStation Now service as well as the new subscription plan as they become available.


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