Sony Releases Corny Trailer for In-ear Headphones

This December, Sony will release a new in-ear headset for the PlayStation 4’s Dualshock controller. The device offers “noise reducing Audioshield technology,” a chat-compatible microphone, and functionality with smartphones and tablets in addition to a controller.

While that’s all well and good, the real star of the headset’s announcement is the hilarious commercial it’s revealed in. Featuring a blond-haired gentleman overacting his way through a gaming session, the commercial feels more similar to an “as seen on TV” type of advertisement than it has any right to be.

There are a few shots of the actor holding his controller face-high, tongue hanging out due to the epic Fifa session he is enjoying, hilarious mimed conversation, and a general feeling of corniness throughout. It’s amazing.

All that overacting has certainly paid off, however, as the new in-ear headset certainly looks like a solid buy for those in the headphone market. Be on the lookout for the headset to launch next month.

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