Sony Releasing a New PlayStation VR Headset Model Supporting HDR

If you bought a PSVR headset last fall, it will soon be outdated thanks to a newly announced model of the VR headset. The new PSVR model will now support HDR passthrough, which means you will no longer have to disconnect the headset’s processing unit to view HDR content on their screens. The new PSVR model will also have integrated stereo headphones cables, which is a fancy way of saying they have built-in earbuds.

Unfortunately, if you already own a PSVR you will have to still buy the new model if you want the new features, because you can’t just swap out the processing unit that the headset plugs into. You will have to rebuy the whole package, which is a definite bummer for early adopters who have been wanting the HDR passthrough functionality. Luckily, all existing PSVR games will be supported with the new model.

At this time a U.S. release hasn’t been detailed, but the new PSVR is releasing in Japan on October 14 in a camera bundle retailing for $399. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.


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