It’s hard to think that E3 has already come and gone, but as they say time flies when you’re consuming heavy amounts of video game reveals. There were plenty of fantastic moments that took place during this year’s E3, so I wanted to highlight some of the best from the Big 3 starting with Sony.

Sony definitely wowed fans at its E3 press conference, which quite frankly is always one of my favorite, especially because they serve free booze and food for two hours before the show begins, which is a smart move considering how loud and raucous things can get when certain games are revealed. The press event had a solid mix of fan favorites and new IP, with the former definitely stealing the show thanks to a few long awaited and yearned for titles being announced.

Head on down below to find out the top five moments from Sony during E3, and feel free to chime in with your own list using the comment section below.

5) Destiny: The Taken King Revealed with Exclusive Content


It’s no secret that Sony’s platforms are the preferred ones for Bungie’s Destiny, and that trend will continue with Destiny: The Taken King, which releases on September 15, 2015 for all platforms. With that being said PlayStation gamers will be getting platform exclusive content, just like they did during the game’s first year run, which includes a co-op strike, a multiplayer map, an exotic weapon, and gear sets. For more details on the PlayStation exclusive content you can check out Bungie’s official blog.

4) Uncharted 4 Demo


Yeah so the Uncharted 4 demo during Sony’s press event may have stumbled at the start, but shit happens, especially during a live stage demo with a massive video game that isn’t in its final stages of coding yet, so all is forgiven on my end. When the demo did get moving though it was hard not to notice the scope of Uncharted 4’s world, as well as the sheer beauty of it. This game looks amazing, has ridiculous amounts of Indiana Jones-style action, and stars a cool as ice protagonist in Nathan Drake. Glitches or not, the Uncharted demo was still one of the greatest moments from Sony’s E3.

3) Guerrilla’s New IP Horizon: Zero Dawn gets Unveiled


Out of all of the new IP announced during E3 2015 it’s hard not to point to Horizon as being the most intriguing thanks to its impressive demo shown during Sony’s press event. The unique mix of cavemen-like human civilizations with modern technology from their forefathers, complete with organic/robotic hybrid creatures is enough to get me excited about this game’s offerings. It looked immaculate, and seems like it will offer an intriguing narrative that could be a blend of Mad Max and the Terminator franchises thanks to its radical post apocalyptic setting.

2) Sony Steals the Call of Duty “Content First” Deal from MS

Black Ops 3_Key Art_Horiz

While the COD franchise may not be as exciting in terms of its reveals anymore thanks to the repetitive sequels machine it has become, the fact that Sony stole the “Content First” deal from MS for getting DLC on its platforms first is still a huge coup for PlayStation fans. It felt like MS would have an iron grip on this deal with Activision until pigs could fly, but someone at Sony obviously cut a better deal, which should pay off in spades once the game releases this November. Just keep an eye out for those flying pigs!

1) The Holy Trinity of Sony Fanboy Titles Confirmed and Revealed


Sony produced a hardcore feeling of nostalgia for its most adoring fanboys when it revealed that The Last Guardian, FF VII Remake, and Shenmue III would all be coming to the PS4. The feeling in the air at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena was nothing short of special after each of these long awaited titles were unveiled. I myself had nipples as hard as diamonds during the FF VII Remake teaser, which was definitely the most memorable moment of Sony’s show for me. While I’m not really into The Last Guardian and Shenmue III, I still greatly respect their places in video game history, and am happy that the fans of these franchises will finally get to live in them once again, albeit on a more modern platform than the last franchise releases.


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