Sophie Turner Hints at Something Game of Thrones Fans Already Know

Game of Thrones ransacked the Emmy awards like a Dothraki Khal, and now fans can return their focus to speculations for the upcoming season. Death is not a surprising thing anymore in the realm, regardless of who kicks the bucket. Last season saw a massacre by Cercei, which knocked off Queen Margaery and by extension King Tommen. Ramsay Bolton (finally) met his demise at the hand of the recently revived Jon Snow. And…you know, Hodor :(

As the shortened seventh season continues production, one of the show’s stars suggested more death in the coming season. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, was discussing the coming end of the series and said “we’ve got one more season…well, not all of us.”

Death is expected and with the White Walkers en route it may be the deadliest season to date. But does Turner’s statement suggest she doesn’t make it out alive? Do more Stark kids find their way into Winterfell’s catacombs? The Starks have lost a lot over the course of this show, can any of them make it out alive? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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