Sound Shapes Launch Trailer and First Impressions: Yeah It’s Addicting

Sony released Sound Shapes this week, which is a cross-platform PSN title for the Vita and PS3.  A sh*tload of positive press has been surrounding this music based title, so I decided to download it last night to my Vita (also to PS3 for free!).  I can tell you that most of what you may have heard about this game is true.  The infusion of music and its rhythms really sets this platformer apart from the pack.  Each new level yields an entirely new music track that you must guide your little blob through to activate its notes.  With each note secured you get to hear a new beat of the overall tune.  The concept sounds odd, and it’s not a rhythm game, but somehow it plays out that way.

Sound Shapes’ campaign is solid, but where this game really cranks up the innovation is in its level editor.  Creative gamers can completely design their own levels with unique custom made music for the world to play and compete on.  The amount of user content already in the game is unreal.  Last night I played a Terminator theme song level, a Super Mario Bros. theme song level, and a few Zelda themed levels.  I haven’t even started creating my own levels and musical score out of fear of completely ignoring my daily duties.  Yeah, this game is addicting on more than just one level.

The goal is to collect the circle notes while avoiding anything red

If you’ve got $14.99 ($11.99 for PS + members) I highly suggest giving Sound Shapes a go on your Vita and/or PS3.  It’s well worth the money, and it pretty much has endless replay capabilities with its level editor rooted in community participation.  I’ll even give it a preliminary EB 9 out of 10 Buddhas just in case I get too lazy to fully review it.  You can check out the launch trailer for it below to get a better idea of how this game plays.  You’ve been needing to begin your musical composition career…

Sound Shapes for PS Vita and PS3 Launch Trailer [HD]

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