Source Code Heading to a TV

It’s strange how the universe works sometimes.  I literally just watched the movie Source Code this past weekend, and now today I find out that it’s going to be turned into a TV show.  Considering that I thought the film was extremely clever and uniquely entertaining I’d totally watch a small screen version of this mind f*ck of a movie.  ABC is behind the TV version of Source Code, but they sold the rights to CBS, so I’m not sure when we’ll get to see this, if ever, but it’s nice to know that a sci-fi show of this nature may be heading to prime time.  So far the plot details are basic, but the TV show would follow 3 federal agents who use the Source Code technology to prevent crimes from happening.  If the TV version can hold up to the film then I have no doubts that this will be a solid show for geeks to watch.  How about you?  Yay, or Nay?  You’ve been hoping for some decent TV…


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