Spartacus May Die: In Real Life!

If you haven’t heeded my recommendations and immediately started watching “Spartacus Blood and Sand” get off your arse and start catching up!  It really is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, and it’s not only because heads get lopped off at least once an episode.  It’s just cleverly filmed and written, so it draws you in and makes you lust for the next episode.

One of my [slider title=”EBDs”]EBDs – Entertainment Buddha Disciple.  I’m lazy, so what![/slider]sent a very sad piece of news in regards to “Spartacus Blood and Sand”, and it made me weep to myself.  Andy Whitfield, the actor who portrays Spartacus, has come down with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  I’m not real sure what that disease does, but it sounds like he’ll probably die.  Well maybe not die, but he won’t be available to film the second season of this awesome series created by Starz.  Talk about a blow to the head.

Rumor has it that Starz may film a 6-part prequel, so their money isn’t completely wasted while the crews wait for Andy to get well.  I’m not too sure what this rumored prequel would even detail, but I have faith it’ll be excellent.  Knowing the show it’ll probably have the Gladiators as kids killing other small children while having multiple sex partners, or something family friendly like that.

In all seriousness though, my man Andy has to pull through with his fight against his lymph nodes.  “Spartacus Blood and Sand” just won’t be the same without him.  Even if he does make it I’d imagine he’ll be ravaged by the treatments, so the show may never be the same.  The producers could probably plug in a look alike if needed, but for long time fans I’m just not sure it would carry the same affect that the show does with Andy.  “Spartacus fans unite and use the force to will him to good health!”  Diseases, affecting the wrong people since the beginning of time…beat.

You’ve been depressed…

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