Spend Valentine’s Day with Persona 5

After much speculation and eager anticipation from the gaming masses, Atlus have officially confirmed Persona 5’s Western release date.

It’s coming on February 14, 2017. If that date sounds familiar, that’s because it’s Valentine’s Day.

In a way, the Valentine’s Day release date is kind of fitting. Atlus’ spin-off-cum-flagship RPG series has earned the love and adulation of countless gamers, so the idea of spending Valentine’s Day with a “special someone” — or, a video game in this case — doesn’t seem too far off the mark.


Additionally, Atlus have stated that the Valentine’s Day release date for Persona 5 “matches up so nicely with the ‘Take Your Heart’ Premium Edition” of the game. According to a press release, the aforementioned version of the game will come with a hardcover art book (!), a statue of P5’s cat mascot Morgana, a Steelbook version of the game, soundtrack disk, Collector’s Edition box, and a school-inspired tote bag. Not a bad haul.

While the Take Your Heart version of the game — and the standalone Steelbook — are exclusive to the PlayStation 4, Atlus have confirmed that Persona 5 will still release on the PlayStation 3.

Stay tuned for more Persona 5 information coming from E3 next week.


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