‘Spider-Man’ E3 2017 Trailer Focuses on Saving Lives, Not Taking Them

It’s been quite some time since we’ve been treated to a good Spider-Man game, but Insomniac Games’ take on the series is awesome enough to forget about the wait.

Spider-Man‘s combat may bear an oddly striking resemblance to Batman’s Arkham series, but that’s more of an allure than a deterrent. Either way you look at it, the situations Spidey finds himself in are drastically intensified by his concern for citizens. Ensuring others safety acts as immediate detours of priority, and it happens in and out of battle.

It sure would be a whole lot easier to kill the guy and win the game, but that’s not the Peter Parker way. Check out the epicness in the trailer for Spider-Man up above, then join the rest of us as we wait “patiently” for an eternity to get our hands on it (2018).


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