In honor of the first trailer releasing for Spider-Man: Far From Home today, I went ahead and break down its major moments scene by scene to provide some plot speculations based on what was shown and said. Now with most of my trailer breakdowns, I’m mostly pulling my speculations from my bum, but I did do some light reading on Far From Home to try and paint a as clear of a picture as I could.

Based on the trailer, the film will be picking up soon after the events of Avengers: Endgame, and if you notice the world in Far From Home, it doesn’t even look like the world is recovering from Thanos’ snap still, so there may be some timeline manipulation going on in Endgame.

Anyway, the trailer shows how Peter will be going to Europe with his classmates for school, and even though he wants to just chill, some elemental villains and Nick Fury will pull him back into the mix. Of course, Mysterio also made an appearance, although, it looks like he’s pretending to be a good guy, at least for now.

You can check out the full breakdown and analysis above, and a quick recap of my major plot speculations below.

Plot Speculation Synopsis 

Potential SPOILERS in case my theories are correct!

This first trailer sets up a narrative in which Spider-Man feels he can take a break, so he literally goes to Europe without his suit (Aunt May packs it for him secretly), which implies to me he’s living in a world that doesn’t know it just recovered from Thanos’ snap, so there’s a good chance Endgame has time travel and timeline manipulation. Either that, or Spider-Man and the world in general excel at getting past highly emotional and tragic moments.

Anyway, while in Europe chilling, Peter is attacked by mistake, or on purpose by what looks like Hydro-Man. Other elemental creatures are wreaking havoc in Europe too, such as a Sandman like creature, and a Molten-like creature, which causes Nick Fury and Maria Hill to get involved. Fury enlists Peter for help because he’s in Europe, but also because Tony Stark is gone from his Endgame heroics, so Peter needs to fill his void, or the void of other Avengers members who are MIA, quit, or died in Endgame.

While Nick and Peter are investigating, Mysterio comes on the scene to play the good guy and fight back the elemental creatures, but I believe this is a ruse and he is actually working with said creatures. He’s doing the old use sub-villains to make himself look like a good guy trick so everyone loves him and gives him free reign, but it’s then revealed that he’s the real super-villain trick.

From here Spider-Man will save his friends, make MJ love him in the process, and beat all the bad guys. Miller Time, queue post-credit scene.

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