Things are heating up in the “Spider-Verse” comic event and Gameloft is heating things up for the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game as well. Regularly adding new playable characters to the mix, the biggest additions to the repertoire are the first female wall-crawlers in the game, Spider-Girl and Spider-Gwen. Both are from alternate universes and both are players in the multiverse showdown, “Spider-Verse”, which heavily influences this game.

Naturally, Spider-Girl and Spider-Gwen have unique abilities that make them a great addition to your Spider-Man Unlimited lineup. Gameloft also recently added a fourth issue to the story mode which features the Sandman as well as adding “Spider-Verse” baddie Morlun to events.

The biggest gameplay change was eliminating the requirement of two supplementary character cards to rank up a character so now only a second copy of the card is required to rank up a character card. This change makes ranking up much easier as well as freeing up space on your roster for more diverse lineups. The leaderboard in events was changed to rank players on different metrics other than just high score depending on the objective of the event.

Spider-Man Unlimited is an addicting web-runner game from Gameloft that features a multiverse story mode with different versions of Spider-Man battling classic villains. There is always an event open that rewards players for high scores with character cards and the game’s valuable currency, ISO-8. Spider-Man Unlimited by Gameloft is free to play with options to make in-game purchases.

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