Spiders to Bring Players Back to the World of Mars War Logs in The Technomancer

While at E3 I met with Spiders Studios to get a hands-off preview of its latest action-RPG, The Technomancer. Fans of Spiders’ other Mars-based game, Mars War Logs, will be happy to know that The Technomancer is set in the same universe, but this time around they’ll get a much deeper dive into the politics of Mars and its war for water.


The game has been built with the Silk engine and features a strong narrative, various environments, and a lead character that has three fighting styles and four skill trees to flesh out to give their Technomancer, Zachariah, the active and passive skills they desire to rule the battlefield. Even in its pre-alpha state this game looks marvelous, and features much improved visuals when compared to Spiders’ Mars War Logs and Bound by Flame. The environments feature amazing uses of light, especially when the lead character’s electricity-based powers are enabled in a dark setting, which casts shades of purple light on his face and other surfaces to give them life.


Like I mentioned earlier the game and its Technomancers live in a world on Mars where water drives politics and control of the red planet. Technomancers are humans that can generate and use electricity as a weapon, so they’re somewhat like a cult of Sith, but aren’t necessarily bad guys. They’re a mysterious group of individuals that command respect from the other factions living on Mars, but after a startling discovery about their past, you must guide Zachariah on a mission to uncover the truth, and how they fit into the political conflict taking place on Mars.

Zachariah has three fighting styles that players can use to help him on his quest. Each style features standard and alternate attacks in a similar fashion to other action oriented RPGs. He can fight with a staff, a knife, or a shield and club, and each weapon can also be infused with his electrical powers to create even more devastating attacks. We got to saw Zachariah use all of his fighting styles, but the most impressive to me was the staff, especially when it’s infused with electricity, making it look like one of the staffs used by General Grievous’ bodyguards in Revenge of the Sith.


The Technomancer won’t just be about fighting your way through its quests either, as all of them can be finished in multiple fashions, which can include fighting, charming, pickpocketing, and two other tried and true RPG methods of victory. There will also be six factions that can influence the story’s events based on your decisions made in the game. If that’s not enough to get you excited about the possibilities of The Technomancer it will also feature massive boss fights for each main level, so player skill will be tested by some massive bad guys looking to take Zachariah out in each main mission.


All of Spiders Studios’ RPGs have a similar feel to them, and The Technomancer doesn’t appear to follow a different formula, but with that being said it truly is shaping up to be an impressive looking title that offers a very deep action-RPG experience set in an interesting Mars-based universe. This title has potential to be a mid-sized Indie gem in 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, so stay tuned for more details as they come out.


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