Spidey and Gamora Team Up In Trailer for Marvel Collector Corps: Infinity War Box

The next Marvel Collector Corps box is themed after Avengers: Infinity War, so Funko has released a trailer for it. The trailer features Spider-Man and Gamora teaming up to ruin Thanos’ day in some sort of museum. I don’t really get the setting, but I do dig the animated short, because how can you not enjoy watching CGI Funko Pops in action. Head on up above to check out the trailer.

Funko has also released a new Marvel Animated Short. These are quick little webisodes featuring Marvel characters in Funko Pop form getting into some sort of shenanigans. In this new episode Ant-Man and the Hulkbuster armor play a game of cat and mouse. The action in this one is pretty fun to watch, especially considering that you’re watching an ant-sized dude take on a giant-sized robot, and the little guy is too much to handle for the behemoth. Head on down below to check it out.

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