Spielberg’s ‘Ready Player One’ Film Gets a Release Date

Steven Spielberg’s newest sci-fi film has been given a release date of December 15, 2017. Based on the best-selling book by Ernest Cline of the same name, Ready Player One follows the story of a Wade Watts in the not-so-distant future. Reality has become a bleak affair, and life is lived through a virtual reality system called OASIS. The creator of the virtual reality world has left a virtual Easter Egg hidden deep within the OASIS, and whoever finds it becomes rich beyond their wildest dreams. Wade searches for clues in old arcade games, TV shows, movies, and music to find any hint of a lead. The search is made even more difficult when others start catching on and threaten the lively-hood of Wade and his friends.

Spielberg will be working with Warner Bros., Village Roadshow, and DreamWorks for the film’s release.


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Via [Variety]


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