Spoilerific: Major The Avengers Cameo Potentially Leaked

If you don’t believe in spoilers then you might as well click on another article, because this one could potentially ruin a big surprise in The Avengers.  Once again, SPOILERS ARE BELOW, turn away if you don’t want to taint your mind!  Anyway, an actress by the name of Jenny Agutter, who has an unnamed role in The Avengers, let a major piece of news slip in regards to a special cameo from another Marvel character in the film.  Again, she could be making this sh*t up, because let’s be honest, how much does a 59 year-old woman really know about the ins and outs of the Marvel universe?  Any guesses yet?  No?  Ok, here we go!


Agutter is claiming that Spider-Man will be making a cameo in The Avengers!  Supposedly she saw Andrew Garfield hanging in Downey Jr.’s trailer, so that’s why she told The Radio Times that Spidey will be in The Avengers.  I think she may be slightly delusional considering that rival film companies own the rights to The Amazing: Spider-Man and The Avengers, but stranger things have happened in Hollywood.  I guess we’ll just have to wait until May to see if Agutter spoke out of turn in regards to this major cameo, but if I were a betting man I’d say it’s false.  You’ve been wanting to know if this rumor is true or not…

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