Spoilers: Behind the Scenes Pics From ‘Prometheus’ ft. the Engineers

Prometheus has definitely managed to stir up some controversy with its mystical plot about the creation of life and some sort of alien creature.  The Engineers are at the root of many fan discussions about the overall meaning of Scott’s latest sci-fi flick with some believing them to be Gods, and others pegging them as Dark Angels.  Only Damon Lindelof and Ridley Scott truly know the meaning of the Engineers, and their plans for mankind on LV-223, so the rest of us can just wildly spin our wheels trying to guess what these beings were really up to with that black goo.

I still don’t know if I liked the movie or not, but I do know that the Engineers themselves looked rad as hell.  Outside of the Powder inspired skin color these giants amongst men look like chiseled super Spartans with some gnarly exoskeleton armor.  A few behind the scenes set pics from Prometheus have been released that really show off the Engineers, so if you don’t mind a few SPOILERS, or have already seen the movie, you should check these mysterious figures out below.

If anything, the set design and VFX in Prometheus are top notch, and these amazingly detailed Engineer costumes are proof of that.  You’ve been wishing you were built like an Engineer…





Meet the Engineers

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