Sports for the Mentally Unstable: Ultimate Tazer Ball

One of our readers sent me a YouTube video promoting a new extreme sport called Ultimate Tazer Ball, and it’s definitely one of those “WTF” is wrong with people type of videos.  I guess we now have an extreme sport that could have also just as easily been a bit in one of the Jackass movies, because UTB looks like a cross between handball and an inmate brawl taking place in a prison.  Teams of 4 take each other on using a beach ball sized object, some goggles, and most importantly tazers.  Yes the same thing cops use to shock the life out of criminals, are now be used as sporting equipment as if they were a baseball bat.

In all honesty, I wish we had more demented sports like UTB.  There’s no way this sport will ever catch on over here, but maybe it will in shadier parts of the world.  It’s a show that could rival the gladiator spectacles of the past.  Besides, ex-cons need avenues to displace their anger, so what better way to do so than electrocuting people for possession of an oversized soccer ball.  For the official details in regards to Ultimate Tazer Ball follow this link.  You can also watch a promotional video for the league below.  These dues aren’t f*cking around.  You’ve been thinking you’re crazy enough to make the Olympic Tazer Ball team…

Ultimate Tazer Ball- UTB The Future of Sport- Adrenaline, Action, Tactics, Stun guns and TAZING!!!!!

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