Spyro the Dragon has one of the saddest stories in gaming history today, and I don’t mean the ones written for the games.

Spyro was such an iconic, awesome video game mascot in the 90s, and, much like Crash Bandicoot, went steadily downhill after his days on the PS1. The silver lining in that story is that we got the Crash N. Sane Trilogy, which was freakin’ awesome, and proved that the Crash formula still works.

There’s a possibility that we’ll still get a Spyro remaster or new games or something, but right now, nothing has been confirmed yet (I don’t think?) The first few games though were awesome, and Smosh Games is here to recap what the series has been like thus far. Check out the honest trailer above, and let us know what your favorite Spyro game is down below!

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