Square Enix Brings Interactivity to SDCC

Square Enix has some impressive plans for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

In addition to the playable games and limited edition figures available at SDCC, Square Enix have announced on July 10 and 11, attendees will also be able to get interactive experience based off of SE’s upcoming roster of games.

Billed as the “Square Enix Experience,” Square Enix’s outdoor, 18+ event will bring attendees into the worlds of Just Cause 3Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Tomb Raider GO, and Hitman.

Located in a beer garden at 7th Ave and Market Street, fans will be able to dive into the exciting worlds of various SE games in different ways. For Just Cause 3, a zipline experience will be set up, allowing people a chance climb a forty foot tower before speeding down a 150 foot tower while shooting at marked targets.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s experience tasks attendees with sneaking around an area while attempting to procure bottles of Neuropozyne. Being sneaky isn’t all there is to the challenge though, as players will be competing against one another.

Lara Croft GO’s experience is a bit more standard, with a chance to speak with and learn more about the upcoming mobile title from the game’s creators. Additionally, hands-on time with the game and a photo opportunity with cosplayer Nadyasonika will be available.

Lastly, those interested in Hitman will be happy to hear about the chance to take the ICA training academy course. Complete with numerous difficult challenges, completing the ICA course with top marks is a perfect way to prove your worth as an assassin.


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