SquareEnix: Big Tease of Unannounced Game

One of SquareEnix’s senior PR managers, Sonia IM, made a tweet hinting at a future announcement for an up-coming game of theirs.  He included in his tweet that gamers and SquareEnix fans will be “shocked and stoked”?!?  What do you make out of that statement?  Could it be that they’re finally going to do some fan-service by redoing Final Fantasy 7 for the PS3?  I think this would warrant some feelings of stokedness and shock from gamers don’t you?

They’ve always said they would never redo Final Fantasy 7, but maybe they feel it’s time to introduce a whole new generation of RPG fans to the greatest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise.  What do you think, could this be the unannounced game Sonia is referring to?  I certainly hope so because I haven’t played an RPG yet that has made me feel the way Final Fantasy 7 did.  FF7 was the first game that actually got me emotionally involved in the story and its characters.  It truly is a masterpiece in gaming.

You’ve been stoked…

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