I’m not one for antiques and other expensive looking household items mainly because I’d rather spend my cash on awesome stuff like toys, games, and gadgets.  Although, after seeing a stained glass lamp that is a perfect replica of Boba Fett’s head, I may have to start getting into the finer things in life.  The Boba Fett stained glass lamp is a spectacular mix of classy artistic taste and geekery that any Star Wars fan would love to have in their home.  Hell, it may be a piece of Star Wars memorabilia that the old lady will let you display proudly rather than keeping it in a box like all of your other geeky collectibles!  Unfortunately, there’s no real information on this piece, so it’s either a one of kind item, or someone faked it with Photoshop.  Either way it’s a lovely piece of stained glass that would look appropriate in any man’s cave.  You’ve been needing classier looking collectibles…



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