Stan Lee Announces Last Comic Con In Canada

If you live in Canada and you’re a fan of Stan Lee and his many contributions to the comic book world, it looks like Fan Expo Canada September 1-4, 2016 will be your last chance to meet him. In an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun the 93-year-old Lee stated this would be his last con attendance in Canada and wants “to make it one big event.”

When asked why this would be his last visit to our neighbors way North he said, “I’m 93 years old. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do it.” It was only a matter of time though, right? The Generalissimo has been a strong con supporter and attendee for many, many years now so it’s only natural that he start trimming back his appearances.

Even before Lee became a mainstream darling he was attending cons. I recall Todd McFarlane sharing once on his Facebook page how when he was much younger and not yet in the industry, his experience meeting Stan for the first time. I guess at a time when he was a little more accessible (nowadays he’s in a roped off area, behind stage or on stage), McFarlane ended up sitting and talking with Lee for hours. That’s the kind of guy Lee has always been, a man who cares about the fans and that’s why so many fans love him.



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