Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness Still Looks Great

By now, we all know that Final Fantasy XV is coming out in September, but how many of you know about Star Ocean‘s imminent return?

I got absorbed into the series a little later in its life with the Star Ocean:Till The End Of Time. Since then, I have gone back and played the others in the series, and while the timeline is a little bit of a mess, it tells an interesting overarching story.

The newest Star Ocean takes place before Till The End Of Time and after The Last Hope. From Square’s recently released information about Integrity and Faithlessness, new players can get into this game without any previous play. All the games do have a self-contained story, but they all link up to tell a very different tale.

At E3, a new trailer was shown for the upcoming game and after watching it I can already tell that the story will tie in well with the series as a whole.

Check it out for yourselves and tell me what you think. It leaves me with the feeling that this may be the last Star Ocean we get. Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness launches June 28th.

Make sure to check back as yours truly will be doing an unboxing of the Collector’s Edition.


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