Star Trek 4 is Coming, and So is Chris Hemsworth’s Return

With strong hopes for Star Trek Beyond, Paramount Pictures has made it official that a fourth film is expected, and with it the return of Chris Hemsworth. Portraying Captain James T. Kirk’s father, George, Hemsworth is set to make his first appearance in the series since the 2009 film. If the memory is escaping you, George Kirk heroically sacrificed himself for his crew, wife, and newborn son:

Now his return in the fourth film hasn’t been officially revealed, so it’s possible that he’ll be shown in a flashback type of situation for more character development. But because this is Star Trek, it wouldn’t be the first time a supposedly deceased Starfleet crew member made a return by way of time travel or suspended animation, so anything is possible. Star Trek Beyond is set to delve deeper into James’s emotions surrounding the father he never knew, along with the current career path he’s on with Starfleet.

How do you think George comes back? Let us know in the comment section below.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this weekend on July 22nd.


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