Star Trek: Into Darkness Gets Butchered Apart By Cinema Sins


CinemaSins is back at it again with Star Trek: Into Darkness. We all know that J.J Abrams was very ‘lens flare’ happy during the film, but have you ever wondered if there was  purpose behind them?

Perhaps they were his attempts to hide the flaws of the film. In the sci-fi realm it’s quite easy to make some notable mistakes, especially when Trekkies are involved.  If you watched the film and are knowledgeable in the field of science, the lens flares may not have been enough to keep you blinded from its faults.

Check out the video below from CinemaSins and see for yourself just how sinful Star Trek: Into Darkness was. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel for even more great videos.

Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness in 7 Minutes or Less:

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