The latest sci-fi art book from Titan Book should resonate with Trekkies, at least those who first found their love for the franchise while watching the original TV show. Star Trek: Lost Scenes features 270 pages of digitally restored imagery from the show, as well as parts of scripts from deleted scenes, and a series of blooper shots from the show’s production. In addition to the imagery, there are plenty of anecdotes describing them and what went down on a particular shoot for the show.

The book is very insightful in regards to the Star Trek TV show’s production, and covers three main aspects of it. These are a behind-the-scenes section, a deleted scenes section, and finally the bloopers section. The first section was my personal favorite, because it showed how the show’s special effects were created using a mix of models, miniatures, and blue screens. I think super fans will probably enjoy the deleted scenes section the most, because it offers up scripts and imagery for every deleted scene, which I would think would be eye opening for die hards of the series.

You can check out the book below via the embedded video review.

Review Summary

Readability - 8.5
Presentation - 9
Price - 9
Entertainment Value - 8.5



If you're a Trekkie, and have a soft spot for the original TV series, then this book is just what Bones ordered.

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