Star Trek Online Turns 4, Q Celebrations Now Live with Prizes


Star Trek Online has reached its fourth year of existence, so to celebrate Perfect World has released some new screenshots for fans of the game to gawk at, as well as an infographic to break down STO’s major milestones. A few of the screenshots show off the Q hosted parties that will take place on Earth Spacedock, Qo’noS and New Romulus Command from now until February 27th.

Players will definitely want to check out one of Q’s bashes to earn some prizes by completing his daily missions. Rewards for doing so will include: Dilithium Ore, a Festive Party Horn, or a Party Box which may contain a Skill Point Bonus Pool, special dual-system consumable devices, or a Mystery Item (random based on rank.) If players tackle Q’s mini games they can also earn 40 “Anniversary Qmendations”, which can be used to claim a FREE Dyson Science Destroyer (1000 tokens) from a project in the Event Reputation system.

In addition to the Q-centric events, STO is also getting a new Featured Episode called “A Step Between Stars.” This episode features Tuvok from Voyager, and he’s actually voiced by Tim Russ, the actor who portrayed him in the TV series. Players who complete this mission will be rewarded with 400 tokens, which can be redeemed for the Dyson Science Destroyer. This mission continues the “Solanae Dyson Sphere” storyline, and will leave everlasting repercussions on the STO universe. Head on down below to check out the new screenshots, as well as an infographic for STO’s 4th anniversary bash.

Star Trek Online is a PC only title and is currently available as a free-to-play title.


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