Star Wars 7 Conceptual Lightsaber Duels Offer Violent Deaths

A fan anonymously submitted the above video to us claiming that it was made as a pitch to the Star Wars 7 production team, but unfortunately J.J. and his crew didn’t approve this particular stunt group’s style. I say unfortunately because the lightsaber on lightsaber action is some of the most frenetically paced swordplay to feature the iconic humming blades from the Star Wars franchise ever to be seen.

What’s even better is the level of violence showcased in the duels! We’re talking multiple amputations, and a possible full body, split down the middle finishing move. If this concept video did get approved then we would’ve had some nasty lightsaber fights to watch in Star Wars 7, so let’s hope the team that actually got approved to do the lightsaber choreography on the film is attuned to the Force, and drops some killer swordplay on us once the finished film releases.

In the meantime, let’s just hope that the action of Star Wars 7 approaches what is featured in the concept video above.


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