Star Wars: A New Hope’s Cantina Scene Gets a Minecraft Makeover


ParadiseDecay, the YouTuber hard at work recreating Star Wars: A New Hope in Minecraft is making some amazing progress. We previously covered his A New Hope trailer, and since then ParadiseDecay has been putting in even more work.

Today, ParadiseDecay has brought the YouTube viewing masses another snippet from his Minecraft makeover. This time, we are treated to the famous Cantina scene.

The video, which can be found below, is no small feat. Each and every little detail from the original film has been painstakingly recreated by ParadiseDecay. It’s abundantly clear when watching that this is truly a labor of love. Fans of Star WarsMinecraft, or anyone who just wants to see what an insane amount of talent can produce are doing themselves a disservice by not watching this video. Don’t hesitate – just watch!

The Cantina Scene video also comes with good news from ParadiseDecay. In the video description, the Minecraft master informs us that he has used his force-like powers to replicate 50 minutes of A New Hope to date. Mind blowing, to say the least.

Be sure to check out ParadiseDecay’s website and twitter, as well as his YouTube channel for frequent updates on the project.

Minecraft – Star Wars – Cantina Scene:

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