Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition Trailer and Rogue One Update

Remember when Electronic Arts released Battlefront and everyone just went meh. Well experience the meh again with the ultimate edition.

If your thinking to yourself “Wait, didn’t this already happen?”, you would be correct the ultimate edition last year was 100 dollars more than it is today so if you bought it at launch I’m sorry. This isn’t the first time where an expensive edition dropped drastically in price in a year. I got the Tales Of Zestria¬†collectors edition for $60 when at launch it was $130. That is why buying a game before it’s out or right at launch can be such a gamble.

This is just another example of why you should read reviews from multiple sites, (Especially ours) to know what you are getting. Battlefront’s biggest folly was gating off so much content for DLC that players abandoned the game very early on. If you want to try the game now it is the best time with all the content for $40, and I think the price drop will bring a surge of new players to the game as well. Just don’t pre-order Battlefront 2, please.

It has also been announced that the Rogue One: Scarif Pack will released on December 6th alongside the free VR mission for the PS4.


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