Star Wars Characters Now Voice TomTom GPS Directions

Lucasfilm’s reach has now extended to GPS devices.  Will its grip on consumerism ever have limits?  The sad thing is, I’d love to have Vader as my navigator.  TomTom has officially announced that it has secured the rights to use Star Wars characters as the voices for its GPS devices.  I hate seeing the Star Wars brand used and abused, but I must admit, the idea sounds pretty dope.

Currently, Vader is the only character available to install on your TomTom device.  It costs 7.95 pounds, so that’s about $800 according to my calculations.  You can also download Star Wars start-up screens for your device, which are free, whoopty-doo, how kind.  C3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo will also lend their talents to TomTom, but their downloadable voices aren’t available yet.

Check out Vader in the sound studio recording his bytes for TomTom.  It’s kind of funny, but it’s just another hit against the once menacing Darth Vader, who has been pussified by the prequels and now product gimmicks.  You’ve been navigated to McDonald’s by Lord Vader tubby…


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