“Star Wars” Comedy: Lucas Rapes Us Again

It never ends for the licensing department over at Lucasfilm.  A rumor has popped up that they are partnering with Seth Green and Matthew Senreich of “Robot Chicken” to make an animated “Star Wars” comedy.  I think I just vomited in my mouth.

Are you kidding me?  When will the blatant abuse of “Star Wars” fans end?  The few of us that remain just want to remember the franchise as the beloved movies from the 70’s and 80’s.  Damn you Lucas and your desire to turn your creation into a kid friendly experience!

Here’s an excerpt from Seth Green on the topic of the “Star Wars” sitcom.

“The ‘Star Wars’ universe is so dense and rich; it’s crazy to think that there aren’t normal, mundane everyday problems in a world so well-defined. And it’s even crazier to think of what those problems might be, since it’s all set in a galaxy far, far away. What do these characters do when they’re not overthrowing Empires?”

I guess if done in the “Robot Chicken” style of comedy it could be funny, but hasn’t “Star Wars” lost enough of its cred already?  The fantastic galaxy that it once was has become so diluted with sub-par content it’s becoming harder and harder to remember why I originally loved it.  “Cash rules everything around me, CREAM get yo money, dolla, dolla bills ya’ll” – Method Man

You’ve been enlightened…

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