Star Wars: Dark Forces Coming to PSN

What geek doesn’t love Star Wars?  Even after the major let down of the prequel movies the franchise still has a hardcore following.  The Star Wars universe not only has a strong following for the movies, but it also has a major following in the gaming landscape.  For those of you who are suckers for nostalgia Sony has something just for you coming to the PlayStation Network.

Dark Forces, the first ever Star Wars [slider title=”FPS”]FPS – First Person Shooters.  Games where you control the character as if you were the actual person in the game.[/slider] game will be coming to the PSN on an unknown date.  Insiders have reported that the ESRB received a list of titles for PS1 classics coming to PSN to receive ratings.  One of those games happens to be the 1996  cult hit, Star Wars:  Dark Forces.

I’m pretty sure this is the first game that the expanded universe hero, [slider title=”Kyle Katarn”]Kyle became the protagonist of choice for many of the earlier SW games.  He was in Dark Forces and the Jedi Outcast series.  He’s basically a Han Solo type with Jedi abilities.[/slider] shows up in.  He’s a pretty cool dude and his games were fun to play.  I mean most of us probably would like to have played as Luke or Han, but Kyle a hybrid of both of those characters, worked just fine.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane keep an eye on the PSN for this classic to drop.  For you younger gamers you’ll get to see how we used to play FPS games.  Check out that screenshot!  Due to the limited technology back then the Stormtroopers look like some sort of white fish people grimacing to take a shit.  Man have things changed.

You’ve been enlightened…

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