Star Wars: Episode IX Script Is Ready, Filming Begins End of July

On a recent appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, J.J. Abrams was asked about his Star Wars work, and if he had any details on Star Wars: Episode IX. In turns out, J.J. did have a bit of news to reveal, but nothing that I would consider juicy.

Abrams told Colbert about where they were at in the Episode IX pre-production process. He said, “We have a script, which is a big deal for me. It starts shooting end of July. Having a script in advance is something I haven’t always been lucky enough to have. I’m writing this with Chris Terrio, who is a genius, and I’m having a great time.” So this implies the his and Terrio’s rewrites are in the books, and that they have a working script to start building out the film’s world from. This is good news, because they won’t be scrambling for story beats while shooting, so the focus can stay on filming the best version of each scene possible.

One still has to wonder how much of this script has changed since its initial inception when Trevorrow was still helming the project. It had to be reworked for Carrie Fisher’s passing, and again for the Director transition, so it could very well be a brand new story now thanks to Abrams and Terrio.

J.J. also told Colbert that principal photography will kick off at the end of July. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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