Star Wars Fan Produces Acapella Version of Episode 1 Maul Fight Scene

Most Star Wars videos done by fans are jokes, or crap, but I just came across one that is definitely not the latter.  YouTube user Matt Mulholland created an interesting way to listen to the epic final battle of The Phantom Menace where Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul do battle to the death.  Rather than mash in another track to change up the sound he voiced everything himself.  Through multitracking he created acapella versions of Duel of Fates, the actors, and even the freaking lightsabers.  If anything this video showcases how far some Star Wars fanboys will go to play in their favorite universe.  Listen and watch below to see one of the most unique versions of a Jedi on Sith battle you’ve ever seen, and when you’re through with that you can watch the original to see how close Mulholland was.  You’ve thought that lightsabers sounded more like vvooom than a veeeoom…

Star Wars Ep. 1: Final Lightsaber Battle Multi-tracked


Star Wars Ep. 1: Final Lightsaber Actual


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