Star Wars Fans Get Funky with the Darkside Dubstep Remix

There must be some Star Wars fans over at the Eclectic Method studios, because they just put out a Darkside dubstep featuring the Lords of the Sith and their evil use of the force.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t know what a dubstep is because I had no clue either until I used a few brain cells to look it up on Wiki.  Basically, it’s a form of techno that came from the UK which features repetitive bass tones, drum beats, and samples from other mediums.  In this Star Wars dubstep the EM grabbed on to the word Darkside, and ran with it.  It’s actually a pretty catchy tune if you’re into electronic music, and the mix of still images and live scenes from the films are executed perfectly!  If you’ve been needing your daily dose of Star Wars make sure to check it out below.  You’ve been wishing that you didn’t have to watch anymore scenes from the prequels…

Eclectic Method – The Dark Side


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