‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’ Fans Should Play ‘MARVEL Strike Force’

FoxNext Games has released the free-to-play MARVEL Strike Force mobile game, and if you’re a fan of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you should definitely plan on checking it out. It’s more or less a clone of SWGoH, albeit with flashier visuals and Marvel characters instead of Star Wars characters, so as previously stated, if you’ve spent the past two plus years grinding away in SWGoH, there’s a great chance you’ll love Strike Force.

Being a Galaxy of Heroes junky myself I had to try Strike Force, and just I had predicted, it offers up nearly identical gameplay to SWGoH, which I love. I’m not knocking this game for cloning a highly successful free-to-play gameplay model, that happens all the time in the mobile gaming industry, so as long as it yields more fun and free games to play, I’m all for borrowing gameplay elements that have proven to work.

At its core Strike Force is an action-RPG in which you must build teams of up to five Marvel Heroes or Villains to take on campaign missions, challenges, special events, PvP matches, and Guild-style activities such as raids. Each of your character can be leveled up to unlock new class based abilities, and they can also be equipped with gear that can also be leveled up. Thanks to the class based system you can build powerful squads that have synergies through their powers, which can yield devastating attacks on your enemies. The only piece missing in terms of character progression from SWGoH are mods, everything else about ranking up and buffing out your roster is identical, so again if you’re a Heroes type of gamer, I bet you’ll dig Strike Force.

In terms of the actual gameplay, it’s also a spot on recreation of what SWGoH has to offer. You take on groups of enemy forces and can choose to manually input all of your team’s actions, or you can sit by and watch the fight play out by auto-playing it. I love this feature because sometimes grinding in games like this can be a daily chore, so having the ability to just let the AI play for me is nice. You can also eventually just sim certain gameplay segments after you’ve three starred a level, which again is another staple from SWGoH.

The all important question you’re probably asking yourself is, “Yeah this all sounds great, but what is the pay wall like?”, well I can tell you that you can get at least 2-3 hours of gameplay a day without dropping a dime, and if you’re patient, I don’t foresee this game requiring any money to enjoy at all. I’ve gone over two years without spending cash in SWGoH, yet I’ve played it daily for multiple hours since launch, and as of now, Strike Force appears to have the same formula. Free players may not rank their characters up as quickly, or unlock the latest and greatest heroes and villains to use, but with time and dedication they can earn almost everything in the game just by playing. I’m 100% down with this free-to-play model, which is why I encourage you to give Strike Force a turn if you’ve really enjoyed SWGoH.

There’s my pitch, and no I don’t work for FoxNet Games. I’m just a gamer approaching 40 who appreciates being able to reconnect with my gaming roots while on the go in between my daily adult duties. Games like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and now MARVEL Strike Force allow me to do just that, and the best part is that they don’t cost me anything but storage space on my iOS devices. That’s why I’ve never understood the backlash over free-to-play mobile games, especially from big licenses like Star Wars and Marvel. If the game is free to download and play, how the hell is that hurting you as a gamer? You can choose to play it or not, and even if you do play it and hate it, all you have to do to feel better is delete it, because there was no money exchanged, so no big loss. Oh well, that’s gamer culture for you. Head on down below to hit the download links and to check out some screenshots and a trailer.

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