Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes New Hero’s Journey Mode and Territory Battles Detailed

EA has detailed a few changes coming to the free-to-play mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is easily one of the best all around free mobile games ever released. Plain and simple, just play it and you’ll see why.

Anyway, in addition to the general updates and Ewok love below, the game will also be getting a new Hero’s Journey mode starring Luke Skywalker, and a new Guild-based Territory Battles mode. The Hero’s Journey will allow fans to retrace Luke Skywalker’s steps from his farm boy days to the events that made him a Rebel legend. If players can complete the journey they’ll unlock a new Commander Skywalker character to use in-game.

The Territory battles on the other hand will feature a Guild-centric mode where players can deploy their entire rosters on the planet Hoth to complete events and missions while earning rewards for doing so. Each guild member will get the same rewards too, so it’s all about cooperation and coordination. It definitely sounds like a fun new mode that can score you more loot and allow you to explore more of your roster outside of your main squads, so I’m looking forward to getting on with it when it drops.

You can check out the general content updates below. At this time there isn’t an exact release date for the Hero’s Journey and Territory Battles modes, so stay tuned for more details.

July Content Updates

  • Updated art – New models, character art, animations, and ability icons for all existing Ewoks
  • Ewoks Faction pass – Updated stats and abilities for Chief Chirpa, Ewok Scout, and Ewok Elder.
  • 3 Brand New Ewoks
    • Wicket – Powerful Ewok Attacker with Critical Hit and Stealth synergies
    • Logray – Sage Ewok Support who can Daze enemies and grant Ewok allies buffs
    • Paploo – Resourceful Ewok Tank with Assist and Buff synergies
  • Ewok Marquee Events – Play with the new Ewoks and get free character shards!
  • Ewok Double Drops – Ewoks are popping up around the Cantina all month long – check back daily to see if your favorite Ewok is causing Double Drop mischief
  • Ewok Flash Events – Power up your Ewok squad to dominate Flash Events and get rare gear and other rewards

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