Star Wars Gang Initiation – Ghetto Jedi

When I first started watching this video I thought it was just another gang fight between some hood mates, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  To my surprise one of the thuggish looking combatants whipped a lightsaber out of his pants when I was expecting him to produce a 9mm!  There’s something curiously odd about watching men of the hood having a lightsaber battle in the ghetto.  I’m not being judgemental, but typically I expect to see fat nerdy white kids making videos using the infamous Star Wars weapon, versus some street tough brawlers like these dudes.  I’m give them two thumbs up for their creativity and special effects work!  Check out what it would look like if the Jedi and Sith had a gang initiation to join their respective orders.  You’ve never expected to see a Star Wars themed video like this…

WARNING – Creative use of the “N” word in this video!


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