Star Wars Geek Art: Minimalist Posters and Character Portraits

The Geekerie is an Etsy shop that specializes in all things geek, hence the name. Christian Petersen is the artist in charge of The Geekerie, and he specializes in minimalist movie posters and stylized character portraits based on some of the world’s most iconic science fiction franchises.

It should come as no surprise then that one of Petersen’s main galleries is full of nothing but Star Wars art, which includes his visions for the prequel movie posters, and a select group of character portraits. The posters manage to remove the clutter from Lucasfilm’s approved versions of the prequel films advertising, which were quite gaudy and loud. Rather than including every character to be featured on screen, Petersen opted to only include one image that summed up each film’s premise.

His character prints on the other hand forgo the minimalist approach and provide a zoomed in viewpoint of the characters most iconic feature. For example the Chewbacca print is focused on his hairy torso and his ammo belt, while C-3P0’s centers in on his flashy golden gut disc. Each one is a simplistic yet vivid, and there’s no mistaking who each print is showcasing even though faces aren’t shown in most of them.

If you dig what you see after the break, and would like to own any of the Star Wars prints, then you can grab them for as low as $18.00 from The Geekerie’s Star Wars section.
















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