After 3 crappy prequels and 30+ years of raking in huge amounts of cheese, George Lucas has found another way to make some scratch on his once mesmerizing creation.  It’s not another gimmicky product like Yoda shampoo or Darth Vader toothpaste, but rather a deal with Adidas.  This is another licensing deal that is looking to capitalize on douches like me who are suckers for SW collectibles.

I guess I really can’t call the Adidas partnership and resulting products collectibles since they’re a clothing and shoes line, but the brains at Adidas are limiting some pieces of the collection in number to create this illusion.  I must admit some of the pieces are kind of cool, but at the same time you may also want to punch someone in the face if they’re over 18 and wearing them.  Below you will see some choice pieces of this collection that are available now.  Without admitting it to anyone how cool is the Vader track suit?  Enjoy the pics and feel free to check out the link to Adidas’s site for [slider title=”more.”]This site only has the current product offerings.  I’ve been in touch with spirit Yoda and he told me there will also be; X-wing pilot shoes, Stormtrooper shoes, TIE shoes, Yoda shoes, and AT-AT shoes.  No I’m not f’ing around this shit is real, and yes one day I’ll be whipping some of these items.  I’m a sucker for geek.[/slider]

You’ve been enlightened…


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