Star Wars: GoH Calls Han’s Millennium Falcon In!

Galaxy of Heroes baffles me in its ability to keep coming up with new stuff to add to the game. The Millennium Falcon was already in the game, but it was the one that Rey and Finn used, whereas this one is the OG Falcon piloted by Han. It looks like a fantastic addition to any rebel team though, giving buffs to allies while simultaneously dealing extra damage to dark side enemies.

I don’t know how long Galaxy of Heroes can keep pulling new characters and whatnot out of it’s butt. I think the game will live on for a long time as long as there are Star Wars fans (which there always will be, and lots of them). But I also feel like it will stagnate or there will have to be a sequel of some sort that adds a whole bunch of new features and modes. Check out the trailer for the new ship and let us know if you’re still playing the game!

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