Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order EA Play Gameplay Demo Doesn’t Disappoint

EA and Respawn officially revealed alpha gameplay from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order today at EA Play for E3 2019, and the live demo didn’t disappoint in the least. We got nearly 15-minutes of gameplay set three hours into the story, and it was the only preview I needed to know that we have a real deal Star Wars story game on our hands, and it looks fun to play to boot.

One of the bigger reveals of the demo is the fact that Saw Guerrera will be in the game and working with Cal, so the story is indeed canon, and will employ characters new and old from other Star Wars properties to authenticate its world. We also got to see Cal’s droid BD, who plays a major part in the gameplay and never leaves Cal’s side. The robot is essentially your companion and helps with puzzles, healing, and other assistive actions.

In terms of the combat it’s being described as tactful and smart, so it will have elements of the Soulsverse within it. None of the moves are scripted, players will be in full control of their attack patterns and counters. In addition to melee moves, Cal will also have the Force at his disposal, and the demo showcases more than a few awesome uses of it.

You can check out the gameplay demo above, stay tuned for more Fallen Order action tomorrow during the Xbox E3 briefing!

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