We got a real big chunk of gameplay of The Fallen Order at E3 this year, but apparently that wasn’t enough, and now we have even more! This is actually starting about 10 minutes prior to the gameplay demo that we got before. It was shown lightly in the trailer that came out during E3, and leads into the part that we’ve seen.

We already knew that the game was going to cover a wide variety of gameplay styles, but it’s cool to see it not just in a trailer. Hijacking an AT-AT by crawling up the leg and taking out both pilots I think is something we’ve always wanted to do in a Star Wars game. Honestly, Fallen Order looks like a blast so far and I’m really excited for it to come out.

Check out the extended gameplay above, it’s nearly a half an hour, so set aside some time, especially if you never saw the original one from E3!

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