Star Wars Mice? Yes They’re Cool but Damn Lucas, Really?

What avenue hasn’t George Lucas explored when it comes to squeezing every penny out of his Star Wars franchise?  You might have said, “Stuffed mice!”, which I would have agreed with you on, until I read an article today stating the contrary.  Now I’m not totally sure if George actually gets money from these things, but I’d have to imagine that this little company has to pay him something for using his creations.  Hell, he charged people for using the term Droid, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t charge people for making Star Wars characters out of mice!

Either way, I must admit that these little things are pretty awesome looking.  Although, they may not make my collection of odd Star Wars memorabilia considering that they run anywhere from $30-$40 a pop.  That’s a little steep for a cat toy with some felt clothing on it, but I’ve been known to break the bank before on Star Wars crap, so I’ll let you know what happens with these mice.  Check it out below to see if these warrant some of you hard earned money.  You’ve been amazed once again by how the Star Wars license can be utilized to make tons of money…

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