“Star Wars Poetry” Video Lends Purpose to Prequels

Calling the Star Wars prequels “oft maligned” would be an understatement of galactic proportions. George Lucas’ ill-conceived attempt at fleshing out his masterful space opera took the beloved galaxy far, far away and nearly managed to sully its legacy by featuring often subpar acting, a horrendous explanation of the Force, and one infamous Gungan.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?
Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

However, perhaps we’ve all been wrong this entire time. Perhaps we’ve let all of our small grievances with the prequel trilogy eclipse the stylistic poetry that Lucas was going for. In this visual essay by Vimeo user whoispablo, the visual symmetry present within both Star Wars trilogies is explored, and Lucas himself informs us that “you see the echo of where it’s all going to go. It’s like poetry, they rhyme.”

What do you think–does this video do anything to improve the legacy of the prequel trilogy, or is it still the same space rubbish it’s been for the last decade?


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